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Aluminum Coil for Tin Cans Material
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We are the professional manufacturer which can produce the food grade coated aluminum coils used for can lids and tabs, DOS coated aluminum, widely used for beverage, beer, tea, cigarettes, cans and other packaging products, we can meet customer requirements with different coil weight and specifications. Aluminum cans has many advantages, such as light weight, good sealing, uneasy to break, which have been widely used as packaging materials of beer, carbonated beverages, fruit juices and other drinks.

Aluminum Can Stock

Alloy type: 3104 H19 or 3105 H14

Thickness: 0.2-0.28mm made by customer's order (+/-0.003mm)

Width: Made by customer's order (processed by slitter device ) (+1.5mm--0mm)

UTS (MPa): 265-290

TYS (MPa): 290-330

Elongation: >=5.5%

Earring: 3% max

Application: Beverage can, beer can, juice, and so on

Aluminum End Stock

Alloy type: 5052 5182 H19 H48 H49

Thickness: 0.208mm 0.216mm 0.224mm 0.249mm (+/-0.003mm)

Width: Made by customer's order (processed by slitter device) (+1.5mm--0mm)

UTS (MPa): 330-365

TYS (MPa): 380-420

Coating: inner coating is EPOXY of 12-13um, outside coating is EPOXY of 4-5um.

Standard: EN 541 and EN 573-3

Its surface is processed by the Electrostatic spray wax.

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